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Duck Duck Tumbler where everyone is a winner!

There are 10 spots per round.  One winner per round for a tumbler, everyone who plays in that round and does NOT win will still receive a gift.  Once all 10 spots are filled, the names will be placed on a wheel.  The last player standing wins! (One winner per round) No limit on how many spots you can buy per round.

There are 33 Tumblers that are numbered accordingly (and 1 duck has a winners choice marked on it). A random Duck will be drawn, the number on the bottom of duck, will match the number on a shelf holding tumbler, cup, or sippy cup. If the winner wants it they say Goose and it's theirs! If the winner does not want that one they say Duck and they pass on it. Winner is allowed to say Duck twice on a draw. On the third draw, winner keeps what is picked. (Or trades if available).

If round does not fill up when live - round will continue onto next live Duck Duck Tumbler night.          All sales are final.


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